La Meccanica srl specializes in the production of dies for all major brands of pelleting presses.

50 years of experience in the manufacture of dies and roller shells guarantees quality and reliability.

We can guarantee:

  • high quality special steel with a high chromium content
  • very precise production
  • perforation and mirror polishing of holes
  • vacuum heat treatment
  • minimal deformation of the matrix after heat treatment
  • inspection and control before shipment
  • fast delivery times
  • all matrices hardness 53 - 54 Hrc

Our factory is fully automated and equipped with cutting technologies, and the dies we produce are exported all over the world.
Several important characteristics of our matrices:

  • easy start-up
  • high productivity
  • long service life

Our dies quickly reach full production through:

  • perfect hole finish quality
  • vacuum heat treatment to remove oxidation of the steel.

Long service life of the dies is guaranteed thanks to:

  • high-quality steel structures with a high carbon content
    and chrome
  • high strength after heat treatment.


  • our matrices are extremely accurate:
    and correct perforation: perfect “honeycomb” hole pattern
  • our matrices are primed inside to
    to eliminate any deformation after heat treatment
    (guaranteed maximum deformation = 0.5 mm).

All X46Cr13 stainless steel is quality controlled. Research certificates are available upon request.
In order to provide the correct die we need to know the type of pellet press and the size of the die used. We can manufacture dies with hole patterns according to customer specifications or produce dies according to our hole pattern based on our many years of experience.

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