our history

LA MECCANICA represents an adventure before becoming a company born thanks to Ottorino Reffo in Cittadella. Now our company consists of 55 employees, and the annual turnover is over 13 million euros.

Everything was born thanks to the intuition of Ottorino Reffo: he is graduating from an aviation construction institute, where he can study thanks to the economic help of his family. Worked for fifteen years at Fabris (a company founded in the twenties in Cittadella) before starting his own business with the support of his father-in-law, Neo Costalunga. In the sixties, during the economic boom, Cittadella also changes, industrial activity is gaining momentum. In this period of change, La Meccanica is born: Reffo's intuition proved successful, the company immediately becomes synonymous with precision engineering. Now the company is managed by Roberto Reffo, son of Ottorino. From his father, he inherited the ability to see one step ahead and never stop. Therefore, La Meccanica over the years has expanded the scope of its activities, reaching its present size. The company is a leader in the production of industrial lines for pellets and offers a full range of high-tech and innovative plants and equipment. The experience of employees and high quality products are a guarantee for customers. We have achieved these results thanks to the work of many men and women who, over the years, have made it possible to realize the dream of Ottorino Reffo. This story continues day after day.

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